Yanagisawa Saxophones 

I play their Prima Soprano sax (early 70's vintage with the Mark VI mechanism) and the black lacquer 991 Tenor sax (mid 90's vintage). They are both very durable instuments and play effortlessly through the whole stack and have impeccable tones in their own right. I also play the Leblanc Bari Sax which is an early Yanagisawa. 

Dave Guardala Saxophones 

This is not the official Dave Guardala site, but it does provide more in depth information than any other on the internet. I play the New York Series Alto and both the Earthtone and Pro-Custom on Tenor 

Akai Professional 

This is the maker of the EWI 4000s I'm currently using. 

Beechler Mouthpieces 

I use the Beechler Custom Jazz Alto C87 and the Beechler Custom Bellite Alto #7. On tenor sax I use a custom mouthpiece they made for me. It's about a size 8 with special treatment on the tip and in the chamber. Judy Beechler and her staff are very knowledgeable and are always eager to help you find what works good for you and your music. 


I'm am proud to be endorsed by AKG. I'm currently using their wireless in-ear monitors (IVM-4) as well as their wireless microphone system WMS 4500 with the C 519 M microphone. I also use their WMS 40 Pro Guitar system as a wireless system for my EWI. 


I'm using the Q-Tron Plus Envelope Filter with Effects Loop in many of my shows. It gives me a funky sounding sax and definetly pushes the envelope (no pun intended). 

Patchman Music 

If you want an EWI or any other information regarding them, this is the place. This is where I obtained my EWI 4000s. He also customized my sounds on my 4000s. Be sure to check out his soundbanks. 


Eric keeps my horns in superb working condition. He also is a great engraver. Check out the site and you'll see. 

Samson Wireless 

This is the wireless sytem I've used in the past. I use it in very intimate settings were there is limited sound. It still get's the job done and it's compact too. 

Reed Geek 

The ReedGeek® “Universal” Reed Tool was designed to help all woodwind players (both students and professionals), adjust single and double reeds to achieve better reed performance more simply and accurately than any other reed tool on the market today. It has quickly become an industry leader and is used by the world’s top woodwind professionals. 

Yamaha Sax 

I'm currently playing a 62R Soprano sax with a Beechler Soprano mouthpiece.