My New CD Is Out

Well, after almost a year of production, my newest body of work is out and I'm officially excited. This one is a tribute to the legends Walter and Edwin Hawkins and their nephew Joel Smith who was a phenomenal bassist and drummer and who also recorded and played with me. 

This endeavor was produced one of the most prolific producers and keyboardists David E. Jackson of Dave's Hand Productions. He along with the Hawkins musical associates Carl Wheeler and David Jackson and Willis Hickerson, Jr. on organ and keys, Jerry Jordan, Jr. holding the bass down, Jonathan Dubose, Jr and John "Jubu" Smith on guitars and Corey Baugh (one of Joel's hand picked replacements) on drums and the electrifying talents of Peter Michael Escovedo on percussion rounded out with the lush string arrangements of Marcus MaCauley and The MaCauley Orchestra brought this endeavor to life while being recorded and mixed the legendary David Luke at Opus Studios in Berkeley. The vocalists were some familiar voices of the Hawkins and some up and coming background sensations. MaryCatherine Cross, Brenda Roy and Patrick Sturgis were mainstays of the Hawkins and I brought in Sangin Sara and her background group "3 Da Hard Way" to round out the vocal session. 

On this endeavor, you'll hear many Hawkins favorites from over the years in a contemporary setting but still maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the Hawkins sound right down to the original horn section lines written by Tower of Power lead trumpet player Greg Adams and some additional horn parts by Claytoven Richardson. As always, this is a live band setting where everyone played/sang together in one room keeping that live groove alive.

Please take the time to purchase it here or through any major digital music site.

Musically yours,



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